Paint Thickness Gauge NexPTG Standard

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Paint Thickness Gauge NexPTG Standard is a basic model of the meter that allows you to make measurements quickly and accurately. In addition, the meter has a number of additional innovative options that will help the user to examine the vehicle more easily and efficiently. Thanks to the connection with the phone it gives huge possibilities unattainable for traditional meters. The Standard version makes it possible to effectively test the thickness of the varnish coat. The meter automatically interprets the obtained results, informing the user about the current state of the shell. This is the most modern device of its kind on the market.

- The analysis of the paint finish "SAPL"
- Study of steel / galvanized steel and aluminum
- Automatic recognition of the substrate (Fe - steel, galvanized steel / aluminum - aluminum)
- Measuring range up to 1000 microns
- Measurement resolution of 10 microns
- Innovative Options
- Wireless operation
- The software supports systems: Android, iOS, Windows Phone
- Can be installed on multiple devices
- Free upgrades
- Device manufactured in POLAND
- 24-month warranty

- Measuring range 0 - 1000 μm (0 - 39.37 mils)
- Measuring resolution 10 μm (0.4 mils)
- Number of measurements per second 10
- Measurement memory Up to 300 *
- Time of continuous work with alkaline batteries Up to 100 h
- Ambient temperature of the meter From -20 to + 40 ° C
- Unit of measurement μm or mils
- Ground recognition Steel, galvanized steel **, aluminum Steel,
- Ground test Steel / galvanized steel, aluminum
- Communication with the Bluetooth 4.0 LE
- Free application
- Signaling messages Text, graphic, audio
- Housing color Black
- The weight of the device without batteries 62 grams
- The size 108x50x28mm
- Availability on systems: android, iOS, Windows Phone
- Supported 2xAA
- Measuring modes Continuous, single
- Test with reference point Yes
- Automatic shutdown of the device during the period of inactivity Yes
- Measurement statistics Yes
- Paint Coating System - SAPL Basic Extended
- Multilingual menu: Yes PL, EN, DE, FR, IT, ES, RU
- Enriching with new features. No
- Suggested measurement points No
- Shopping guide No
- Creating reports and measurement history No
- Export of reports and measurement history to e-mail No.
- 24-month warranty
- CE

Set contains:
- Device Paint Thickness Gauge NexPTG Standard
- Calibration kit
- user manual
- A set of alkaline batteries
- box

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