Soldering station JBC TOOLS CD-2SQE

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Soldering station JBC TOOLS CD-2SQE for precise soldering, equipped with a parameter lock, temperature calibration, device operation statistics, hibernation mode, sleep mode.

- Temperature regulation: digital, with buttons
- Tool version: ESD
- Station power: 40W
- Soldering power; 20W
- Solder temperature range: 90 ... 450 ° C
- Type of heater: in the grotto
- Power supply voltage to the station: 230V AC
- Solder weight: 15g
- Station weight: 2.6kg

- blocking the change of station parameters with a PIN code
- type B USB port
- earthing socket
- possibility of working in lead-free technology
- possibility of working in lead technology
- the ability to change the time of entering standby or hibernation
- the ability to change the standby temperature
- a wide selection of tips
- built-in programmer
- grotto exchange with one hand
- hot tip exchange

Set contains:
- tip cleaner
- JBC-C210001 arrowhead
- JBC-C210008 arrowhead
- JBC-T210-A mini soldering iron


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