Case for car keys protector Keyless Carbon

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Case for car keys protector Keyless Carbon protection against scanning and theft by scanning, thanks to the blocking signal that sends the car to the keys. The Keyless-GO system is a comfortable identification of the driver who ensures comfortable opening of the car, engine start and locking of the locks. It is used in cars of global brands, among others, BMW, Audi, Toyota, Mercedes. The system without key access - regardless of whether it is a code card or a transponder embedded in the keys - uses radio waves for work. The anti-theft case is made of micro fibers forming the Faraday grille that protects the car from theft.

The case blocks the signal:
  • WiFi
  • GSM, WCDMA, LTE and others

  • What does the attack method look like?

    The receiver that wants to take over the signal is located a short distance from the vehicle (about 8 m) from which the low frequency signal is emitted. The receiver reads the signal that converts to high frequency and sends it to the second model located in the near distance from the key that reproduces the low frequency signal, receives the response from the key and sends it back to open the car. (more on:

  • Dimensions of the cover: 130mm x 85mm x 4mm
  • Color: black with red stitching
  • Material: CARBON fabric

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